Retirement Planning

Retirement planning focuses on the time leading up to your retirement, and making sure you maximise the opportunities and strategies available to accumulate as much wealth as possible for retirement.

For many, the final years in the workforce represent the best opportunities to accumulate wealth. This is usually because debt levels are lower and any children have grown up and left home.

Clients are not often aware that you are actually able to access your superannuation prior to physically retiring from the workforce. For certain people this enables a very useful strategy to be utilised which boosts your superannuation balance whilst also reducing tax obligations.

We can show you how to pay little or no tax in retirement; and if you own a business or farm we can show you how to reduce or even eliminate tax on its sale. In addition, we can help you arrange your finances so you maximise Centrelink benefits if that is appropriate for you.

Are you on track to enjoy the retirement you deserve?

We can help you create a secure financial future