Our Advice Process

To help you create a secure financial future, we employ our disciplined 8-step financial advice process:

Step 1

We start by assessing your current financial position including your financial life-stage, assets & liabilities, savings capability, personal risk insurance requirements, retirement income requirement, Centrelink entitlement position, and so on. We then help you define your short, medium and long term lifestyle goals. What do you want your lifestyle to look like – now and in the future?

Step 2

Then we convert your lifestyle requirements into clear financial goals and objectives. How much money do you need to fund the lifestyle you want – now and in the future?

Step 3

Next we develop your financial, wealth, retirement, taxation, Centrelink, and risk management strategies – and determine the required investment return – which will enable you to meet your financial goals and objectives.

Step 4

We then determine the mix of assets (i.e. shares, property, bonds and cash) which will reliably help you achieve your required investment return.

Step 5

Importantly, our next step is to determine your tolerance to investment risk (i.e. the fluctuating nature of investment returns). Then we compare your risk tolerance to the level of risk inherent in the asset allocation plan we have developed for you. Do the two match?

Step 6

If they do not match, there is a gap which will most likely result in you being unable to achieve your goals. Therefore, before we proceed further, we work with you to help you reach a compromise which gives you comfort on all fronts. We call this our ‘Gap Analysis Procedure’. (see below for more information)

Step 7

Once our ‘Gap Analysis Procedure’ is complete, we finalise your financial plan to ensure it is focused on meeting your preferred financial and lifestyle goals. We then, on your approval, implement each of the recommended financial strategies and arrange the purchase of the recommended investments and personal risk insurances on your behalf.

Step 8

Once your plan and investments are in place, we regularly review them to ensure they continue to perform as expected. If they do not, or if your situation changes, or external factors change, we will recommend appropriate modifications to your plan and investments.

Our unique ‘Gap Analysis Procedure’ puts you in control

Everyone has lifestyle and financial goals which are unique to them. It’s why everyone needs a financial plan which is tailored to their individual requirements.

Central to your financial plan will be a set of decisions that are yours alone. One of the most important of those decisions is the trade-off you may need to make in regard to your current and future lifestyle versus your tolerance for investment risk.

This conflict arises when the achievement of your lifestyle goals requires an asset allocation which has investment risk characteristics (i.e. the fluctuating nature of investment returns) which exceed your tolerance for risk.

It is a mis-match which must be rectified.
This is where you are in control. With the help of our ‘Gap Analysis Procedure’ you can choose to either:

  • Extend your investment time horizon; or
  • Lower your lifestyle goals; or
  • Increase the level of your regular savings; or
  • Learn more about investment risk so you can adopt a higher risk tolerance profile (which should give you a higher return); or
  • A combination of these.

We will work with you to help you reach a compromise which gives you comfort on all fronts. You need to have lifestyle goals which will allow you to enjoy life now and in the future. And you need to employ an asset allocation model which will not cause you undue concern due to fluctuating investment returns.

We can help you create a secure financial future